Shedding a Light on 2017


Decorative lighting trends come and go, and 2017 was no different. Were you on-trend?

2017 saw the continuation of the scandinavian and industrial aesthetic with a stronger focus on natural materials. In addition to the omnipresent timber, other natural materials such as stone, marble, ceramic and concrete had significant presence. Clear glass and exposed filament bulbs seem to be here to stay for a while!


Copper and rose gold are on the way out after flooding the market. You can tell a trend has run its course when you see it on Kmart and Big W shelves!

The trend of hidden lighting (recessed downlights and hidden led strip lighting) continues to erode. More and more people are recognising pendants as the practical and aesthetic choice for many spaces around the home. The right pendant choice can really make a room.

Being on-trend is great, but you need to find your own unique taste. Make lighting choices that reflect who you are and how you want to live and you'll never be disappointed.

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