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We work really hard so you don't have to! We create products to keep your home stylish, on-trend and well-lit without the cost and hassle of electricians.

When launched we will stock a wide range of beautiful light fittings each with a special patented connector that enables simple, swift and safe light fitting changes – no tools, no electricians.

It’s hard to explain in words just how quick and simple it is – it’s better if we just show you…

Snap Lighting Director and Founder Adam Cusick


A few years ago my wife and I renovated our home and replaced most of our light fittings with more contemporary styles. 

After a couple of weeks we both decided we didn’t like some of the fittings. But we were in a frustrating situation where we’d just paid an electrician hundreds of dollars to hardwire them! To replace them would mean more electrician costs and hassle. So just we had to live with them.

As a mechanical engineer and industrial designer, I knew we could find a better way. And now we have!

I hope Snap Lighting saves you the same frustrations we felt, as well as saving you time and money each time you change your lighting style.

- Adam Cusick, Director