That's a Wrap!


Last week we filmed our first promotional video for Snap Lighting! We're so excited for everyone to see it!

Snap Lighting Filming
Adam's piece to camera

On the day, however, I admit I was nervous. Having never been on camera before I was stressing out before my brief 'interview' scene. But seasoned videographer Kevin and professional actress Georgia were calm, professional and did a fantastic job.

The other star performers were the light fittings - they worked flawlessly and looked great! Georgia started out a bit nervous and careful not to damage anything, but after a few scenes her confidence in the robustness of the fittings grew. By the end of the day she was practically throwing them in! 

Vintage fittings taking a break

We couldn't have had such a successful shoot without the generosity of our close friends who let us cut holes in their ceiling, completely rearrange their house and film for almost 12 hours without asking anything in return. If you have people like this in your life - treasure them. 

We'll be showing a few sneak peeks of the video in coming weeks. Be sure to follow us on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter to see them first!