Can you help us?


As you may know by now, we are doing a Kickstarter campaign soon to launch Snap Lighting. But it's not as easy as it sounds. We have a limited budget so it's very difficult to get the word out to many people.

We need your help please

It would be amazing if you could refer your friends to enter our competition. It's really easy, and for every friend that enters you get 5 extra entries into the competition - refer 10 friends and get 50 extra entries! It's a no brainer.

On our competition page, once you've entered your details, just tap "REFER FRIENDS HERE..."

Then you have a few ways you can refer your friends:

  1. You can copy your special link and paste it in a message to your friends via SMS text message, email, however you like!
  2. You can click the direct email button. This opens your email with a pre-written note you can send to your friends.
  3. You can click any of the social links to post a message on social media with your special link.

Good luck and thanks so much! This is an enormous help! :)